Hafa adai!
The Governor’s Office is doing everything possible to inform you of what’s going on in your government. We are not content with the daily news releases of what we’re doing, the weekly addresses, the weekly columns, and our immediate accessibility to reporters. We started the weekly PROA Newsletter to get even more news to you… information about what agencies are doing with your tax dollars. We want to show you your taxes are being spent wisely by government employees truly committed to serving you.
The PROA Newsletter started with a cover story with detailed information on how actual cash is spent from day to day, what is happening to help employees with training and through progressive disciplinary action, travel being authorized, etc. We dedicated a page to recognizing hard-working employees and we provided information about customer service initiatives.
We’ve since expanded the newsletter to include detailed information and data about crime, housing, medical care, and the fight against poverty.
There’s so much happening in this administration to meet the promises set forth in Governor Calvo and Lt. Governor Tenorio’s Blueprint 2020. We will keep improving transparency so you have every opportunity to know what’s going on with your tax dollars.
Today we are proud to bring you the newest feature to the PROA Newsletter. Issue 8 now includes the GPD Arrest Blotter! Now you can follow how police officers in your neighborhood are responding to alleged criminal activity with arrests.
Click here to view PROA Newsletter 8 with the police blotter. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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