Issue 32 of the PROA NEWSLETTER is now available: 
–       ONLINE: The newsletter is online at, or is available by clicking HERE
–       FACEBOOK: If you have a Facebook account you can also find the newsletter on the Governor’s Facebook page.        Search for Eddie Baza Calvo.
Inside this newsletter:

  • Paying Increments, Merit Bonuses, and Promised Compensation
  • UOG SHRM Student Chapter receives award 
  • Task Force Adopts “Guam Product Seal” 
  • 5 Complete Inarajan CAPS program; 2 Hired Already 
  • Korea Arrivals set to hit Record High
  • The Chief of Staff’s Corner
  • The Police Blotter
  • Listing of the Cabinet’s phone numbers and email addresses
  • Much, much more!
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