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The Governor’s Office briefed reporters this morning on what’s been going on to build a sustainable future through economic and community development. This was the second weekly Wednesday briefing on this matter.
Below you’ll find the notes and points of his report this morning. This is to keep you better informed of what’s going on in the government. You’ll receive these progress reports every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as these weekly briefings continue.
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Building a Sustainable Future

A Report by the Governor’s Office

April 11, 2012

J.L. Baker Container Freight Station is up and running. This allows for quicker container inspections, and leads to products getting out faster to the community. There are currently only 12 officers inspecting the containers, and with the severe staffing shortages, CQA still manages to do more with less. The officers continue to protect the ports of entry and provide services to the people of Guam.
CQA is currently looking at increasing the number of their officers to better address issues concerning invasive species, narcotics trafficking, and efficient inspections. They are also reaching out to exporters of Christmas trees to alert them of what occurred last year with the infestation of trees that came into Guam.
GFD Continues to issue permits and inspections for Guam businesses to ensure that establishments are safe for clients and general public. Last week, they concentrated on fire protection. They conducted 20 business license inspections, and 4 occupancy inspections, which usually take a few days to conduct, in addition to their staffing shortage. They have 5 inspection teams, but are getting creative with their execution of inspections while still maintaining their fire safety duties.  Additionally, they’re conducting in-house trainings by utilizing fire stations throughout the island to conduct inspections in their jurisdictions.
They’ve also increased their productivity by making their fees schedule available on their website, and re-implementing their citations programs. The program allows for GFD to educate as an enforcement tool to prevent re-offenders.
GFD is also partnering up with different housing areas to ensure fire hydrants are working and other safety concerns. GFD go out on a weekly basis to inspect fire hydrants.
GFD and CQA are partnering up in anticipation for the Fourth of July regarding the importation of fireworks and other items not permitted. This follows the success of Operation Dragon Slayer this past New Years. GFD will be going around and ensuring fireworks are not being used recreationally.
GVB is continually addressing the focus on Russia. They are gathering lists of translators and are working to provide industry partners and government agencies assistance with the language barrier.
GVB is working with GEDA to attend the biggest travel expo in Eastern Russia, the Pacific International Tourism Expo in Vladivistok.
They will soon be releasing their March preliminary numbers for Japan, and the arrival numbers are quite high. Deputy General Manager Nate Denight said these might be some of the highest numbers of all time.
Denight also spoke about pursuing the M.I.C.E. market, which stands for “Meeting”, “Incentive”, “Convention”, and “Exhibit”. These are company-sponsored business trips for employees from Japan and Korea, which usually come by the thousands. In June, a business from Korea is expected to send about 2,000 of their employees here. Toward the end of June, and early July, a Japanese business will send almost 4,000 employees to Guam. These trips usually last for two weeks with 300 employees arriving every day. To prepare for these arrivals, a M.I.C.E. expert will be arriving to hold seminars with various industry partners on how to handle the market.
They are still diversifying their markets to address both fast and slow seasons on the island.
GVB will also be a part of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association’s PHARE show this Thursday and Friday at the Hyatt. They will be working with the University of Guam and Guam Chamber of Commerce Buy Local “Why Local” forum and display. They will showcase local products and services, and local performances. The forum will take place on Friday at the Hyatt from 9am to 11am. Additionally, they will have a forum to discuss the prospects of buying local and marketing to our visitors to buy local items.
Announcement of Guam First Commission Advisor Council first meeting this Friday from 10am to 11am at the Legislative Session Hall.

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