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Our office provides you the notes of today’s progress report on service improvement in your government. You can watch the full briefing he gave at 5:30 p.m. today on PBS Channel 12. We are grateful to PBS for recording the briefing and broadcasting it for the benefit of those who are unable to attend these briefings and are interested in knowing what’s going on in the government.

Service Improvements in GovGuam

A Report by the Chief of Staff

May 7, 2012

1.Guam International Airport Authority:  Launching Civilian Volunteer Airport Police Reserve Program. Following PL 30-130 the GIAA developed a program for civilian volunteers to assist manpower shortages in crime suppression, upholding the law, and assisting in emergencies. CVAPRP will receive training in crime prevention, and operational techniques for natural and man-made emergencies. Entirely on a voluntary basis. Recruitment began on May 2nd and the training program will take place between May 20-28.
2. Department of Agriculture: Modifying prohibition of betel nut imports from the CNMI allowing unhusked betel nuts for consumption. Formerly, only cleaned, husked kernels were admissible. Prohibition remains on betel nut palm tree seedlings. Betel nuts can now be imported for consumption (NOT PLANTING) in commercial quantities of over 50 pounds with an import permit. Quantities 50 pounds and under don’t need an import permit for an individual for their personal consumption, not for resale. Any betel nut presented for import must be thoroughly cleaned and free of any pests.
3. Department of Youth Affairs: DYA’s After School Care program at their Haya Resource Center in Agat has been helping working parents who are financially challenged with supervised care, academic tutoring and mentoring for eligible children. They have assisted 30 children with academic tutoring with the help of Sanctuary AmeriCorps Volunteers, GCC personnel, and DYA staff.
Customer Service
Governor’s Office: Received 6 NEW calls last week, resolved 8 complaints including the 6 that are ongoing, and forwarded 9 complaints for action to the appropriate parties.
Convenient Services
Department of Agriculture: 45 registered animal complaints. 361 permit numbers issued cat/dog. 241 Pet licenses issued. 11 Certificate of Origin issued.
DPHSS: Bureau of Adult Protective Services with Division of Senior Citizens. Investigate and evaluate information regarding abuse against the elderly and adults with a disability and provide protective services including intake, investigation, aftercare, and emergency shelter services.133 APS referrals FYTD 2012. 2 new referrals last week.
DPHSS: Guam Medicare Assistance Program had 12 new client contacts last week.
DCA: Guam Public Libraries will resume their regular hours prior to the reorganization of the Department of Chamorro Affairs. Delay due to the extensive review by the Attorney General of the MOA turning over the Learning Resource Centers of Excellence to the Mayors. MOA will increase days and hours of operations for facilities in Barrigada, Dededo, Yona, Merizo, and Agat.
Spending Cuts
DPR: In January 2011, DPR had 74 workers, and now they have 49. They have not filled in the positions.
Department of Land Management: GALC and CLTC, in collaboration with Bureau of Information Technology saved $7,000 transferring network and telephones from former Tiyan Office to new ITC offices.
Revenue Growth or Economic Impact
Department of Agriculture: Division of Forestry acquired two SUV’s via the Federal Excess Personal Property at no cost to the government. Valued at $40,000.
DPHSS: The department received $4,521 health certificate issuances, $661.65 for sanitary permit issuances, and $520 for controlled substances registrations. 479 health certificates (209/new, 257/renewals, 7/reissued, 3/temporary), 10 sanitary permits, and 4 controlled substances registrations.
DPHSS: Office of Vital Statistics received $3,923 from services provided.
GHS/OCD: Completed and submitted investment justification for 2012 for $640,000 for salaries, benefits, and Fusion Center to Department of Homeland Security/FEMA.
Programmatic Improvements 
DPHSS: Working with DOE to conduct dental survey on third graders to determine the number of third graders who have sealants. Data will be included in the Maternal and Child Health Program Annual Report. 8 out of 26 schools have been completed since the end of April.
Community Partnerships
GHS/OCD: Conducted Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for Guma’ Mami, and iHOME AmeriCorps members on May 5. Training aimed at educating citizens about disaster preparedness for hazards that may occur. Taught basic disaster response skills — fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization. CERT members are able to assist neighbors and professional responders when not immediately available.
DPR: Discussing a MOA with Holiday Resort & Spa in revitalizing Matapang Beach Park. Will be working together to refurbish park structures, and restroom services. Agreement should be finalized by June between all parties and Department of Land Management.
Department of Agriculture: 36 animals impounded and delivered to GAIN. The complaints are stray dogs, and three (3) were bite reports.

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