June 14, 2012
The Governor and his Education Task Force congratulate Dr. Frankie Santos Laanan on his selection by the University of Guam to lead the institution’s School of Education.  This position is critical as education reform moves forward.  The School of Education alignment with the classroom was identified as a major change needed.
“I want to thank Dr. Laanan for making the choice to come home and lead one of the University’s most important programs.  This really is an critical time.  It’s the start of a new movement to transform public education.  We believe his leadership, record and accomplishments will help guide us as we reform the education system with a renewed focus on learning,” said Acting Governor Ray Tenorio.  “This commitment to learning will be based on a strong foundation for teachers — teachers who have the right skills to ensure children are learning.  This will start at the University level and the Task Force is excited to work with Dr. Laanan.”
The Governor’s Education Task Force is moving quickly with a comprehensive agenda to reform public education based on a strategy that will focus on student learning.  The Task Force continues to receive input from education stakeholders, teachers, administrators, parents and students.
This master plan entails a close working relationship with the UOG School of Education to ensure that new teachers have the proper mentoring and guidance through their first experiences as both student teachers, and as new full-fledged teachers, among other critical teacher education areas.  One of the first reform recommendations is the alignment of the UOG School of Education with public school classroom needs.
“We congratulate Dr. Laanan and we look forward to working with him and the School of Education,” Education Task Force Chairman Vince Leon Guerrero said.  “We’ve got to make sure that a focus on student achievement starts before students ever enter the classroom with strong teachers who have had the right training and education from UOG.”
Contact Natalie Quinata at 475-9309 or 488-6013 for more information.

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