Weekly Address: A season of reflection and thanks
Hafa Adai everyone,
This week, thousands will celebrate a Catholic tradition that has brought together so many on our island and community.
Tomorrow, our island’s Catholics, from different cultures, and from different socio-economic backgrounds, with their families and their friends will participate in the Our Lady of Kamalen procession.
It is a gentle reminder of the reason that we celebrate the Christmas season, and a call for us to pull our loved ones closer and thank our Lord for blessing us. And He has blessed us with so much. The island’s economy is improving, unemployment rates are decreasing, there are more jobs and opportunities out there for our people, and our economy continues to improve. And even as we address the issues we face today, we are moving forward to create a strategic plan that allows us to take hold of our destiny and shape it to what we want and need it to be.
In this holiday season, we will immerse ourselves in the joys of family and of the Christmas season. In the coming weeks, we will attend Christmas parties, we will take children to see the lights and the decorations of Magof Nochebuena at Government House; generations will gather in kitchens to prepare food for our family gatherings; and parents will sneak out of the house to search the stores for that perfect gift for their children.
We celebrate our traditions, and remember why we work so hard — it is so we can continue to enjoy an island filled with peace, joy and prosperity for generations to come. I thank every single person who has worked hard to fulfill that vision with me and Ray and our administration.
Magof Nochebuena everyone!

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