Micronesia Mall, GPO & Agana Shopping Center to be distribution sites
November 22, 2011
The Governor wants tax refunds distributed to the people as soon as humanly possible. This is why residents will have the first option to get their checks before they cycle through the mail system.
Tax refund checks will be distributed in the first days of December at the Micronesia Mall, Guam Premier Outlets and Agana Shopping Center. The exact dates will be announced as soon as further details are confirmed.
Another distribution site may be announced. Logistics and details are still being coordinated for this massive effort.
The Office of the Governor & the Department of Revenue and Taxation, working with the Department of Administration and the Guam Police Department, expect to release checks to tens of thousands of taxpayers who’ve been waiting for their refunds for years.
“We need to get this money to the people fast,” Governor Calvo said. “They’ve waited far too long.”
The government will receive the funds from the sale of the bonds at the start of December. Because a weekend overlays that first week of December, increasing the likelihood of delays in the mail, the Governor directed the agencies to set up distribution sites. The distribution will most likely occur during that weekend.
The remaining refund checks will be mailed to residents following the distribution date(s).
More information on the distribution time and on what documents residents should bring with them will be announced later.

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