June 12, 2012
It’s been nearly a decade since Guam was hit by any significant storm. The government is brushing up on its training and preparedness in case one comes.
“The more prepared we are through these trainings, the better we are able to respond to a real event. That means saving lives and property, and getting our lives back on track after a typhoon,” said acting Governor Ray Tenorio.
The Typhoon Pakyo exercise will take place tomorrow morning.  Participants will respond to the aftermath of a Category 5 Super Typhoon. Today the Governor’s Cabinet participated in the pre-exercise training and briefing.
The department leaders took the time to address ‘real world’ issues during the plan for the governor to review. The group’s plan included several important factors on Guam, like sheltering, federal/military support, and tourism.
Many of the concerns brought up were about sheltering over 20,000 Guamanians in public schools and looking at other options throughout the island. Questions were raised about food, power, water, and security.
Tourism was also a big part of the discussion. Representatives from the Guam Visitors Bureau said that the agency and the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association already have plans in place to take care of 3,000+ tourists stranded on Guam. With the airport limiting inbound and outbound travel, accomodations are made available for visitors.
GovGuam agencies also received an instructional briefing on making requests to FEMA.
“It’s important that we conduct this kind of exercise, especially since we have not had a typhoon on Guam in a while,” said acting Governor Ray Tenorio. “Although it is a training exercise, we need to take it seriously and learn from this experience to ensure that we are ready for the next typhoon. It’s important for our people to know the lengths their leaders are going to ensure their safety and well-being.”
For more information, please contact Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9309.

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