First Lady grateful for students’ generosity

December 15, 2011
Students of Okkodo High School collected more than 50 gifts for the island’s foster children and presented them to First Lady Christine Calvo for the RigÃ¥lu Foundation.  The First Lady, who founded the non-profit organization just this year, spent time with the students this morning and thanked them for helping to brighten the Christmas season for Guam’s foster children.
“’RigÃ¥lu’ means ‘gift’ in Chamorro and I think it’s fitting for what these students are doing.  They’re taking the time to share with others and I think this sends a powerful message about the next generation,” First Lady Calvo said.  “I’m honored to have spent this time with them and I’m truly grateful for their help.”
First Lady Calvo met with the students at the Okkodo High School campus where they held a special presentation.  The students, enrolled in a business class, also are participating in the Service Learning Program.  The program gives students curriculum-based instruction while engaging them in community oriented projects that address local needs.
The RigÃ¥lu Foundation is an organization founded by First Lady Calvo to provide support for Guam’s foster children and their foster families. In addition, the First Lady’s foundation also supports local early childhood education initiatives and the advancement of sports tourism.
For more information on the Rigålu Foundation or to find out how you can help, please call 475-9475.
Contact Natalie J. Quinata at 475-9213 or 488-6013 for more information.

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