02.10.14 Castle Doctrine
“Our homes are our castles. It’s where we raise our families. Everyone should be able to protect their families from intruders who are threatening their safety. If someone is going to harm innocent people and children, these families deserve the right to defend themselves. When an intruder forces his or her way into a home, he takes away the security a home symbolizes. The law is now on the side of families’ right to protect themselves.”
— Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
Castle doctrine keeps families safe                                                                                     
Sen. Tony Ada’s fight to put the law on the side of families and their right to protect themselves now is law. This afternoon Governor Calvo signed the Castle Doctrine into law, making it legal for people to use force to protect themselves and their families from intruders.
This law gives individuals the right to defend their homes when an intruder threatens their lives and the lives of their families without fear for criminal prosecution and civil action.
Castle doctrine justifies use of force to protect one’s life                                                
The Doctrine justifies use of force against intruders when the person has reasonable fear of great bodily harm or death from someone who has unlawfully and forcefully entered a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle.

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