(Manila, RP) The Governor met with Philippine entrepreneurs who are now interested in investing millions for private development on Cabras island. This proposed project, alone, could mean more jobs for Guamanians.
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo is on the final leg of an exhaustive series of trade missions that began in Japan, then followed in China, and now is in the Philippines.
Governor Calvo and Chief of Staff Franklin Arriola met last evening with a Philippine businessmen, who have ties to Guam. The businessmen inquired about the port and its facilities, then told the Governor the island’s port is ripe for further industrial development.
Guam’s seaport is undergoing a government-led expansion in preparation for organic growth and growth stemming from the military buildup.
“They have the right idea,” Governor Calvo said. “We should be exploring ways for the private sector to develop, not just the port, but industry capacity that can build new jobs.”
Governor Calvo is scheduled to meet with scores more Philippine businesses interested in investing in Guam. More information will be provided in the coming days.
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