Customer service:
1. Hotline new complaints: Received 13
2. Hotline complaints resolved: Resolved 6
3. DPHSS: Div. Env. Health: Despite lack of staff, decreased wait for licenses and permits. Customers call the processing center division the “fastest service line in the government”
4. Customs: Agents now working w/airlines on unclaimed bags. Before Customs locked up in a cage. Now they give bags to appropriate airlines and customers can pick up their bags 24-hours a day
5. DISID: Director’s new policy on punctuality: Pay is docked for being late to work.
6. DISID: Individual counseling happening on the importance of professionalism and good customer service
Online services:
1. Customs: Wants to make lines go faster with computers & software for the Customs arrivals deck (baggage claim area). Began talks with BIT to improve internal monitoring system that will get passengers through the lines faster. This system deals with import and declaration of legal agricultural products.
2. AHRD/DOL: Several facets of the website, including problems with the Guam Job Bank, went down over the past weeks. BIT working to bring back up.
3. DRT – BIT starting to work w/DRT to bring back online filing forms that went down. Talks also to develop more online services.
4. Governor’s Office: Interaction with citizens on Governor Calvo’s Education Task Force Facebook page
Spending cuts:
1. Governor’s Office: 10% pay cuts still in effect, saving cash every two weeks
2. Governor’s Office: Locked thermostats for energy savings compliance
3. DPHSS: (Baseline since start of fiscal year): Annualized $1M personnel savings from attrition
4. GFD: Even with severe staff shortage – completed departmentt-wide personnel transfer to adjust to manpower challenges. Savings equal $15K less in overtime per pay period
Revenue growth or economic impact:
1. DPHSS: (March): Collected $56,883 in fees from Vital Statistics, Env. Health, other licensing
2. DPHSS: (Baseline since start of fiscal year): Completed spending of $3M in ARRA funds for improvements to physical plant. That’s $3M in the economy.
Programmatic improvements:
1. DISID: Division of Support Services received procurement training to expedite RFP processes.
2. GEDA & GVB: Partnered. GEDA used funds to build

– new site in Russian
3. DPHSS: DEH: 92% increase in inspections of regulated facilities
4. DPHSS: DEH: 394 health certificates, 6 sanitary permits, and 4 controlled substances registrations issued
5. DPHSS: DEH: Completed RFP process for electronic monitoring system for Guam Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
6. GFD: Coordinated training to enhance officers’ response to hazardous materials incidents & efficient patient care reports
7. GFD: Conducted major maritime rescue exercise with USCG & GPD
Community partnerships:
1. DISID: Helping Junior Golf Academy with golf tournament. Proceeds toward construction of new DISID bldg (Community Resource Center) across JFK. Tournament is May 19 at GICC.
2. GPD: Officers talked to JFK, SSHS & Oceanview students about domestic violence, juvenile laws, services to crime victims, and traffic safety
3. GPD: Presentations & information to Westin Hotel on DUI laws and crime trends in Tumon. Information at “Kick the Fat” event on services for victims of crime, and reporting domestic violence

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