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Please find a service improvements report from the Governor’s Office from the week prior from all GovGuam agencies.

Service Improvements in GovGuam

A Report from the Governor’s Office

June 21, 2012

Customer Service
DCA: Started the Summer Reading Program at all Southern branch libraries — Merizo and Yona.
GCEC: Helped 62 educators regarding certification at the GDOE Job Fair at Okkodo High School.
GCEC: Issued 5 educator certificates
DLM-CLTC: Assisted 110 walk-in clients and 170 client phone calls.
Online Services
GIAA: Posted IFBs for GIAA Terminal Domestic Water Distribution System and Purchase & Delivery of Rescue/Tow Vehicle
GIAA: addressed 8 Web inquiries regarding lost and found, travel, and information and facility complaints.
DOAg: Continued compilation of information for new website under development; testing hardware remains underway.
Spending Cuts
DOAg: Has workers from DPHSS, DOL to offset costs and help in the Agricultural Development Services, Plant Inspection Facility, Plant Nursery, and Forestry and Soil Resources Division Offices. 12 workers total.
Revenue Growth or Economic Impact
DCA: PBS — Production of local program “I Know Guam.” Seeking advertising for revenue generation.
DCA: Seeking sponsors for the live coverage of Liberation Day festivities.
DCA: Working on an MOU with GDOE for Academic Challenge Bowl coverage for next school year. Last year, $14K was charged. Hoping to solidify $12K deal with a balance due to PBS of $2K.
GIAA: Airport authority reported approved status of Jeju Air (Korean carrier) application with the US Department of Transportation to operate flights to Guam. Jeju Air will provide increased air traffic from Korea and provides another option for Russian travel to Guam. Most Russians arrive via Korea to Guam.
DOAg: $3,266.75 collected at Animal Health Section, Agricultural Development Services, Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Section, and Plant Inspection Facility.
DPHSS: $6,155 collected from Office of Vital Statistics
DPHSS: The department received $5,447 for health certificate issuances, $66, 241.66 for sanitary permit issuances, and $410 for controlled substances registrations. 577 Health certificates, 268 sanitary permits , and  3 controlled substances registrations were issued.
Programmatic Improvements
DCA: PBS — Looking to upgrade equipment in the Outdoor Broadcasting van. Able to provide live coverage but still limited because of inoperable equipment. Looking at full operability by the end of summer 2012.
GIAA: Air conditioning upgrades in progress. June 7-14 completion of installation of 3 air handling units that began in May to support terminals air conditioning system.
DMHSA: Healing Hearts Crisis Center analyzing case management practices to improve efficiency, responsiveness, and client care. It’s been many years since the last time — full staff, brainstorming ways to improve.
PORT: Approved $12M to purchase 3 Matson- and Horizon-owned POLA cranes and an additional gantry crane. Mandated by PL 31-145 to purchase no later than December 2012. The deal is not a done deal, still subject to financing from USDA and approval relative to a tariff surcharge from the Public Utilities Commission.
DOAg: Animal Control — 51 complaints, 28 animals impounded, 8 cruelty assessments.
DOAg: Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Service held a groundbreaking for the new Fisheries Building on June 15, 2012.
GUARNG: Ribbon cutting ceremony for new facility at Guam National Guard Barrigada Readiness center opened on June 13. $19M facility will house the D Co, 1-294th Infantry Regiment, 721st Army Band, and the 1671st Contingency Contracting Team.
DLM-GALC: Transfer of properties under GCC to GALC to original land owners’ heirs.
DLM-CLTC: Currently assisting applicants from 1995 who have not been processed. There are about 3,976 applicants. CLTC updating records, notifying clients, identifying properties throughout the island and meeting with clients.
DPHSS: 198,000 birth records scanned and being encoded.
DPHSS: 20 new client contacts in Guam Medicare Assistance Program. 1,076 client contacts FYTD.
Community Partnerships
DCA: Y Sengsong Chamorro Village partnership with UOG Small Business Development Center for Buy Local Guam Campaign. Incorporating Guam Product Seal Program participants and Chamorro Village tenants and vendors in summer marketing campaign.
DCA: Chamorro Village management working with Hurao Academy on Timpon Somnak 2012 Chamorro summer immersion program. 2 sessions for language, history, culture, and arts activities. 1st session June-July / 2nd session July-August. Registration at Hurao, Inc.
GPD: Working with FSM Consul General’s Office in development of mandatory citizen adjustment program for FSM nationals living on Guam. Program entails teaching local and federal laws, and other programs designed for smooth transitioning. Waiting for approval from FSM government.
GPD: Working to establish a relationship with FSM national police for a  law enforcement exchange program with GPD.
DOC: Continued partnership with village mayors (Barrigada, Agat, Merizo) for village maintenance. Bush cutting, clean ups. Contempt personnel and half-way house residents.
DYA: DYA Haya Center/Guam Humanities Council “Motheread Family Literacy Program” — Offered to adults to provide parents the opportunity to improve their literacy and language skills. Positive reading role models for children.
DYA: Haya Youth Center started free soccer clinic at Southern High School field on June 11, 2012. “First come, first serve.” Slots limited to 50. Contact Haya center for more information.
DMHSA: 35 Youth For Youth Live! Guam members and volunteers for the Youth Summer Swim Program. Training began on June 9, 2012. Certified water safety instructors and aides.
GUARNG: Supported the Superior Court of Guam on June 9, 2012 by mentoring and conducting Recreational Therapy for Juvenile Drug Court clients.
Success Stories:
DYA: Former After Care client now volunteering time to assist and tutor younger clients at Haya Youth Center.
ALL AGENCIES:  Typhoon Pakyo exercise conducted by GHS/OCD. Annual training with 72 hour operation — typhoon response mission.
For more information, contact appropriate agencies.

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