Bill to Protect One Insurance Company Passes down Party Lines
Democrat senators, straight down party lines, passed a bill that pledges “$18 million” that they or anyone else doesn’t know exist. The Democrat senators are saying this money will go to full restoration of COLA and other empty promises.
“We shouldn’t be making empty promises to the retirees. We keep stressing this point. We can’t be political about this and make empty promises that will lead to hurting people once again,” Sen. Chris Duenas said.
After all the debate from her colleagues, Sen. Aline Yamashita called for more information and for everyone to respect the integrity of the legislative and procurement processes.
“All I’m asking for, Mr. Speaker, is what you’ve all taught me the past three years: that the process is important. The devil is in the details,” Sen. Aline Yamashita said, calling for everyone to be reasonable and to respect the integrity of processes.

“I’ll take a look at this bill, but this is — yet again for a third year in a row — the Democrat leadership turning important issues into political games. I wish they wouldn’t do this. I wish they wouldn’t play these games. The most ironic thing about all of this is that after all these years of accusing me of protecting an insurance company, the bill they are sending me does exactly that: they are protecting the interests of one insurance company.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

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