Friday, August 23, 2:07 p.m.
Senators are in session trying to override the Governor’s veto of the flawed FY2014 budget bill passed by senators earlier this week.
A few minutes ago, Speaker Won Pat decided to ignore the Governor’s call to Special Session and began another session, ignoring the new proposed FY2014 budget act. This is a clear violation of federal law and the Standing Rules of the Legislature. (see attached)
Republican lawmakers did not want to be part of the session outside of the scope of the Organic Act, and walked out.
Governor Calvo is concerned and is appealing to senators in the majority to calm tempers and work together with the Republican senators.
“The people of Guam have more to gain if we all work together toward a reasonable and prudent budget. I’ve compromised and I’m willing to meet everyone half way, just as long as senators limit the budget to what we can afford.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
32nd Standing Rules 1.02©(2)(A)_-1 32nd Standing Rules 1.02©(2)(A)_-2 32nd Standing Rules 1.02©(2)(A)_-3 32nd Standing Rules 1.02©(2)(A)_-4
Organic Act 1423h-1 Organic Act 1423h-2 Organic Act 1423h-3

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