My sisters, you are amazing.
Each day, God gives me an opportunity to see so many of you.  Whether we’re taking kids to school, hurrying from one meeting to the next or running into one another at the grocery store, there’s one thing we all know for sure:  “She is busy!”
I believe that we all somehow find the strength to manage our busy schedules and find ways to give back because we have each other. I couldn’t be more proud to STAND WITH YOU.  
The holidays are here again and I’m so glad that I have each of you to hold on to, especially as we are reminded of those whose lives are darkened by violence.  We are good people.  We are a loving people.  And on Friday, I will stand with you — and I hope you will come stand with me —  this our home…  and there is no place in our island family for violence, hatred, abuse or discrimination. 
Let’s stand together.  Let’s fight back against violence with the weapons we arm our children with every day:  hope, love, understanding, healing and support. 
The “Random Women’s Rally” is “Declaring PEACE Against Violence” this Friday, November 23, 2012 from 4 PM to 6 PM at the Paseo de Susana Loop. 
Strength truly comes in numbers my sisters.  Red is the color of our mission and peace is the inspiration for our vision.  So put on your brightest red outfits, share your message of hope on poster boards, speak encouraging words for those who suffer on loud speakers and let everyone know we are here, and we won’t give up.
Pass on this message!  Invite your moms, sisters, friends and co-workers to join the stand!  Spread the word!  Join the Random Women’s Rally! 
Standing proudly with each of you, every day, with all my support,
A random sister, ready to help

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