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Hafa Adai!
While preparing for his State of the Island Address, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo learned of two Guamanians who endured hardships in their lives, but have grown into adults who now are helping others.
Bernard Crisostomo had an unimaginably hard upbringing.  His mother died at a young age; his father was in and out of jail.  He left school after being molested by a teacher and turned to a life of drugs and crime.  After serving a sentence in prison and receiving drug counseling, he now owns a detailing business.  He even offers those with criminal records a chance to work in his shop to begin turning their lives around.
Rozalyn Pama grew up with humble beginnings on Guam.  Her parents couldn’t afford to send her to college, so she worked hard to be able to graduate.  She is now a teacher at Untalan Middle School, and goes the extra mile to help students with difficult home lives.
“I’ve seen so many success stories in this island and some from folks that really had a difficult set of circumstances. And that’s why when I look at our people, and I look at our island, I can honestly say–looking at any one of you kids…any one of you–no matter how difficult your circumstances are…I believe in you.”
You can listen to their stories and hear the Governor’s message about helping children and those who are struggling with life’s challenges, by clicking here.

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