The following is a statement from Governor Eddie Baza Calvo on the recent passage of substitute Bill No. 52-31: The Woman’s Reproductive Health Information Act of 2011
I thank the eleven senators who voted to save countless lives today. They gave women the right to know all the information about a very important medical procedure they may be considering.
Today’s session clearly demonstrated this bill had enough support to pass since it was introduced in January 2011. It also clearly shows that the power a select few senators have has been used to keep good bills from being voted on. It is a shame it took executive authority to force a vote on this bill. It’s sad that some senators choose to focus their time on other matters like buying beaches or attendance reports. Nevertheless, I am happy we can move forward and save lives. That is what this session was about–no more, and no less.
I am grateful to the residents who spoke up to force this issue, just like residents had to force senators to pay their tax refunds. Most importantly, this day is a victory for women and unborn children whose fate becomes a little brighter once this bill becomes law.”

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