Hafa Adai!  A lot of discussion has happened about the military buildup over the past few days.  Governor Calvo releases the following statement of support on the military buildup:
“I want there to be a clear message from Guam about the military buildup: we welcome it and we are at the table with the Navy to iron out the details.
“The military buildup is a program we support for many reasons. Among the countless economic benefits to the quality of life of our people is the honor of hosting the Marines during this dynamic period in world history.
Is it a perfect proposal? No. That’s why it’s critical to maintain a professional and healthy dialogue fit for negotiation. We were respectful, yet strong when negotiating with Navy and federal officials when we came to office. The result of those negotiations was the Four Pillars. When reading the draft SEIS, it is obvious the Navy listened and, more importantly, is willing to engage in dialogue and change that benefits the military’s interests and the best interests of Guam. So, if there are things we don’t like about the program, we can simply sit down at the table and work through those differences. We further hope the military will consider the concerns of original landowners, including those around the Ritidian area, in keeping their net negative promise.
“That’s what responsible parties do.
“I caution senators, especially the same ones who almost derailed the buildup the first time around, to exercise restraint and some decorum and care for the future of Guam when dealing with this issue. Sending letters to Congress insinuating that you represent all the people of Guam in your opposition to the buildup is irresponsible, reckless, and misguided from the truth. Wild and uncontrolled political rhetoric from senators serves one purpose: politics. The Marine movement is bigger than anyone’s politics.
“I want there to be a clear message to Congress and the Defense Department: If there is any dissension in the government, it will not be the result of any official position of the government of Guam, unless a majority of the members of the Legislature actually pass a resolution stating such a reckless position.”

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