(Hagatna – January 31, 2013) The Governor’s Office releases the following statement regarding the court decision on tax refunds:
Tax refunds already are being paid on time. We’ve been paying refunds within the six-month period for a year now.
The days when tax refunds were withheld from the people have been behind us since December 2011. That was the month the government of Guam caught up with refunds and set itself on a course to pay refunds in a timely way. That came after 20 years of government taking from its people. It came as a result of Governor Eddie Baza Calvo’s commitment to paying tax refunds.
Last year, this year, and for every year that Eddie Calvo is governor, tax refunds will be paid on time. He’s proven that commitment. He’s proven that he’s the elected official with the best pulse on the financial situation of the government.
It’s easy to talk about paying tax refunds. It’s quite another thing to batten down the hatches and put words into action. Governor Calvo was the first to take action to pay tax refunds on time simply because it is the right thing to do.
That commitment remains throughout his tenure with Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio.

vvvvvEnd of Releasevvvvv

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