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Find out about tax refunds, the problem with the mail, a push for transparency at UOG, and an effort to get rid of slumlords – all in today’s news. ALSO: MMA fighter Ian Lujan is featured along with interscholastic sports, a team headed to Hong Kong, and more on Smokin’ Wheels.
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Tax refunds
PDN article – $20M more in refunds today – by Jerick Sablan
MV article – AG urges caution with issuance of tax refunds – by Gina Tabonares-Reilly
KUAM story – Legislature squares off against Adelup in Supreme Court – by Ken Quintanilla
New mail rules
Transparency scrutinized with UOG Faculty Senate
PNC story – Faculty feud brewing at UOG – by Kevin Kerrigan
KUAM story – McNinch opposes closed meetings for Faculty Senate – by Jolene Toves
Mayors going after slumlords
MV article – Mayors look out for tax-evading ‘slumlords’ – by Jasmine Stole
Sports news
GSPN – Bulldogs cruise past Warriors – by Kolby Change
GSPN – U14 Girls headed to Hong Kong – by news release
GSPN – Introducing MMA prospect Ian Lujan – by Michael Cruz
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