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Today’s news includes the anticipation of 7,000 new jobs, more support on cutting taxes and increasing wages, the Governor’s partnership with mayors to clean Guam, more detail on Tiyan High School, collective bargaining moving forward, and a special tribute by PNC to the late Monte Mafnas. ALSO: Baseball, volleyball, and football news.
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Up to 7,000 new civilian jobs from military buildup
PDN article – Buildup to bring jobs – by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno
Lower taxes & higher wages
MV editorial – Adjust tax proposal as needed – by MV
Keeping Guam clean
PDN article – Guam EPA, villages team up to clean island – by Michelle Conerly
Education news
MV article – Proposed CBA line-up announced in education board meeting – by Louella Losinio
MV article – DOE preparing for opening of new Tiyan High School – by Louella Losinio
PDN article – Tiyan High School to open in August – by Amanda Francel Blas
In memory of Monte Mafnas
PNC special – Monte Mafnas laid to rest – by Kevin Kerrigan
Sports news
GSPN – Braves close out Jr. Nationals – by Robert Balajadia
GSPN – Dolphins battle Panthers in three sets – by Kolby Chang
GSPN – MFL gears for semifinals weekend – by Mike Nauta Jr. & Robert Balajadia
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