Japan still number one in market share; Russia number one in market growth
October 19, 2012
Nearly 1.3 million tourists vacationed on Guam in fiscal year 2012, and projections show 1.3 million tourists are expected for calendar year 2012. The final number of visitors for FY2012 is 1,270,161–an increase of 10.7 percent from the previous fiscal year. This is the highest visitor arrivals count since 2000.

The data is a part of the Guam Visitors Bureau visitor arrival summary for the closing of FY2012. You can click here to view the document in its entirety. GVB is keeping a close eye on visitor arrivals toward the end of CY2012, when officials anticipate 1.3 million visitors, one of the highest arrival counts in history.

A healthy tourism market means a healthy job market. This news proves there are more customers to service; that means a need for more workers in our hotels, restaurants, and shops,” Governor Calvo said. “This is an encouraging trend for our people, many who have been looking for jobs for quite some time. Our economy is on the rise; opportunities for growth are presenting themselves. Guam’s best days are surely coming.”
Japan tops the visitor arrivals for Guam with 76.4 percent of the market in FY2012. Russian tourists are also finding a home away from home on Guam, as they are the fastest growing tourism market for the island. FY2012 saw 455 percent more Russian tourists visit Guam than last fiscal year.
Guam has always been ahead of the curve in America when it comes to tourism, and we’re more diverse than ever before. Our island may be small, but it is a leader when it comes to tourism in our nation. We’re seeing the U.S. using Guam as a proving ground for new and exciting markets, like Russia,” Governor Calvo said. “I’m confident we will continue to grow in the years ahead. GVB and this administration will keep pushing for tourists from China to travel here without a visa. That’s the next step to ensure a successful future for our most important industry.”


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