Tourism having a strong year; numbers high throughout markets
September 11, 2012
Fiscal Year 2012 has been a strong year for tourism. Arrivals are high across the board, and there are no signs of this tourism machine stopping. This past August alone we welcomed 131,525 tourists at the airport. Total visitor arrivals for the fiscal year so far already hit 1,160,178.
The Guam Visitors Bureau released their latest preliminary visitor arrivals this week. Guam saw an 11.3% increase from last year. In August 2011, Guam welcomed 118,631 civilian air travelers. This August, we saw an increase of 10.9% in civilian air travelers over the same period. These numbers are compiled from our visitor markets from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and, Guam’s newest market, Russia.
“We’re continuing to make great strides in tourism this year,” said Governor Calvo. “March 2012 was the 7th highest March in Guam’s tourism history, we see a genuine desire for increased air traffic from the airlines industry, and we’ve seen an influx of tourists with the Russian Parole Authority.”
Russian tourists are finding a great summer vacation destination in Guam. There was a 1633% jump in Russian tourists coming to Guam in 2012 August compared to the same period last year.
“We worked hard to get parole authority for Russian tourists and we are working even harder to grow this market,” said Governor Eddie Baza Calvo.
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