TROPICAL STORM 09W UPDATE: New forecast shows strongest winds now expected at 10 a.m. SATURDAY
JIC News Release No. 15
July 11, 2014, 10:00 p.m.
Tropical Storm 09W’s closest point of approach is expected to be around mid-morning Saturday. NWS Warning Coordination Meteorologist Chip Guard says the change in forecast is based on a re-evaluation of the storm’s center.
This release is based on the latest forecast information available.  Please remember that weather forecasts can change, so updates will be provided from the Joint Information Center whenever the latest data is released.  Everything about the storm, including its track motion, strength, and speed can change.
There is a chance the storm may take a more northward track, which would reduce its impact on Guam.  The next advisory from the NWS and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center will be released around 2 a.m.
Here is what you need to know:

  1. Worst conditions are expected Saturday morning.  Damaging winds of approximately 39 mph are expected around 6 a.m. Saturday.  Destructive winds of approximately 58 mph are expected around 10 a.m. Saturday.
  2. The tropical storm is moving West-northwest at 15 mph.
  3. Maximum wind near the center of the storm is around 40 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph.
  4. NWS expects around 2-4 inches of rain during the passage of the tropical storm
  5. The storm will bring strong rip currents, in coastal waters and some flooding to low-lying coastal areas
  6. Chip Guard from NWS expects the following damage as a result of the storm: debris from dead tree limbs, some damage to substandard homes, the possibility of tin roofing becoming airborne, a few secondary power lines blown down, and damage to signs and canopies.


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