Don’t wait for weather to get worse
Advice for how residents can prepare with the rest of today
Release No. 4
Oct. 5, 2014 (2:00 P.M. ChST)
We thank residents for preparing for Typhoon Vongfong. Mayors have been reporting that many residents were out clearing their yards and taking debris away. While it is raining in some places, there’s still time to clear your yards if you haven’t done so.
You should do the following while there’s daylight and before winds pick up:
–          Prepare your house by putting up your window shutters now.
–          Prepare your emergency kit (canned goods, drinking water, medication, important documents, baby formula, blankets, etc.) If you don’t have these items, use this time to go to the store if you’re done with your yard.
–          Go to the pharmacy and refill your prescription drugs now.
–          Secure your pets/animals in a safe location.
–          Touch up on your family plan — know the numbers to contact one another.
–          Have a dial/rotary phone available in case the power goes out.
–          Wash laundry now while there is still power.
–          Take down political signs on private property. Campaigns should take down political signs on public property now.
–          Fill up your water tanks/55-gallon drum or plastic containers with a just-in-case water supply.
–          Gas your cars.
Please call the Joint Information Center at 478-0208/9/10 for more information.

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