Release No. 3
Oct. 5, 2014 (12:30 p.m. ChST)
It is raining hard in different areas of the island. Heavy rainfall is leading to dangerous driving conditions and flooding on roads and low-lying areas.
Much more rain, approximately 6 to 10 inches, is expected through Tuesday morning. Rain from previous days are already saturating the ground, flooding many areas around the island. Low-lying areas in the south are especially vulnerable, such as Route 1 Piti, Merizo, Inarajan, and Pago Bay.
If you’re on the road going to work or going to stores in preparation of the typhoon, please drive carefully. Rain will reduce visibility and will pool on dips in the road.
If you are driving and come across flooded roads, don’t drive through them. Find alternate routes.
The National Weather Service has issued a flash-flood watch and is warning residents to watch out for water levels if they live near or are hiking near streams and rivers. The flash-flood warning will remain in effect until Tuesday morning.
Also, if your home is prone to flooding you may want to get to a shelter, which opens at 2 p.m. today. They are:
Northern Guam
–    Astumbo Elementary
–    Machananao Elementary
–    Maria Ulloa Elementary
Central Guam
–    George Washington High School
Southern Guam
–    Harry S. Truman Elementary
–    Talofofo Elementary
Please call the Joint Information Center at 478-0209/10 for more information.

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