TYPHOON UPDATE: Vongfong expected to intensify

Release No. 6
Oct. 5, 2014 (3:45 p.m. ChST)
Typhoon Vongfong is continuing to make its way toward the Mariana Islands and residents are urged to continue to take precautions.
According to the 2 p.m. update, the typhoon is located at 12.9 degree north and 149 degrees east, bringing it 295 miles east of Guam, and 275 miles east-southeast of Rota, Saipan and Tinian.
Maximum sustained winds are 80 miles per hour. Typhoon Vongfong is expected to increase in strength over the next 24 to 36 hours.
The storm is moving west-northwest at 21 mph. Based on the current forecast, the closest point of approach to Guam is 84 miles north of Hagatna at approximately 5 a.m. Monday. Strong tropical-force winds are expected on Guam.
Keep in mind that the typhoon’s path can change and it continues to intensify.
Those residents who don’t feel their homes can keep them safe through the storm are urged to make their way to shelters.

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