VIDEO: DOA and BBMR Prepare 30,000 Pages; 15 Boxes of Information for Delivery to Legislature
Hafa Adai!
You can view a video of Department of Administration and Bureau of Budget and Management Research employees preparing to submit 30,000 pages–15 boxes of information to deliver to the Legislature by clicking here.  For your convenience, the text of the video is below:
What you are seeing are employees of the Department of Administration and the Governor’s fiscal policy team preparing to deliver 30,000 pages–15 boxes worth of information to the Legislature.  These are HR documents used by professionals to scientifically plan and implement the pay raises in the Hay Plan.
We don’t know if the senators knew what they were asking for, or if they appreciated the work that will go into providing these documents, but they will get them.
It has taken 20 skilled government employees to stop all their work–for three days, just to prepare this delivery.  They had to redact personal, non-public information; scan; photocopy; even remove staples by hand–just to do this so the Legislature can have this information they do not need, and information that has no bearing on the financial decisions they make.
Nonetheless, we are providing these documents in the spirit of transparency. We have nothing to hide.  Unfortunately, critical services were interrupted because DOA employees complied with this request–because they did the legislature’s research for them.  It’s not our job to do the Legislature’s work, but if this means they will believe that the pay raises you deserve are good and affordable, then we are more than willing to let them have it.

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