Good morning,
PHOTOS: Yesterday, we sent you information about the historic start of construction of the Guam Museum. We took many photos of the event that you can view by clicking here, or visiting the Governor’s Flickr Page.
Photos from yesterday’s groundbreaking ceremony include:

  • ·      Governor Calvo and First Lady Christine
  • ·      Mrs. Margarita Palamo – wife of the late Senator Antonio Palomo
  • ·      Mr. Mark Baldyga
  • ·      Mr. Monte Mesa
  • ·      Speaker Judith Won Pat
  • ·      Vice-Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz
  • ·      Philippine Consul General Bayani Mangibin
  • ·      The Guam Territorial Band
  • ·      Pa’a TaoTao Tano’.

VIDEO: Click here for a video compilation with highlights of yesterday’s event. For more videos, visit and subscribe to Governor Calvo’s YouTube Channel.
Thank you!

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