Village recycling, illegal dumping cleanup will start

A release from the Governor’s Office w Contact Phill Leon Guerrero at 929-7467 or
“We’re going to sweep through this island with mayors to get rid of the trash polluting our environment.  After that, I’m putting the order out that anyone caught dumping their trash will be brought to bear the full penalty of law.  I’m grateful for the increase in education and outreach to respect our land, air, and water.  I’m not worried about the next generation–they’re growing up to respect Guam.  I’m concerned about how some in our generation are treating our island.” — Governor Eddie Baza Calvo
EPA transfers $400,000 to Mayors and Vice Mayors for recycling                                 
The Governor entered into a partnership with the Mayors and Vice Mayors of Guam to dispose of the following waste:

  • First Priority: Junk vehicles, tires, batteries, waste oil, white goods/appliances
  • Second Priority: Paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass
  • Third Priority: Other recyclable materials as determined by the GEPA Administrator

Money used to recycle junk cars, old tires, white goods, batteries, oil            
Yesterday, Governor Eddie Baza Calvo approved a $400,000 transfer from the Guam Environmental Protection Agency to the Mayors Council of Guam.  This money came from the Recycling Revolving Fund, which GEPA administers.
“The Governor has been a strong ally for the Mayors and Vice Mayors.  This money will go a long way to clean up the large waste that litters your streets.  Junk cars, old freezers, and tires are just some of the hazardous items that we will recycle because of this program,” Acting MCOG President and Sinajana Mayor Robert Hofmann said.
Companies to adhere to procurement, permitting process                                             
The agreement states that the MCOG will adhere to procurement laws over the recycling of this waste.  All contractors must have proof of current approved GEPA permits, certifications, or other documentation necessary to properly remove and recycle this waste.
Program another example of Mayors and Vice Mayors working with Calvo   
This island-wide cleanup effort is yet another example of the Calvo Tenorio administration and grassroots village leaders working together to make Guam a better place.
“My village has a big problem with cars and white goods just being left on the side of the road, or in empty lots.  I will use this money to take them out of my village, and into a recycling center.  Without this program, we couldn’t do this.  Thank you Governor for helping the mayors,” Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata said.
Last year, Governor Calvo launched the “My Village Project” as a way to better this partnership.  As a result of this program, village cleanups have been conducted, neighborhood watch programs are being promoted, and potholes have been fixed.  Mayor Melissa Savares opened a new community resource center during “Dededo Month” last year.
“There are lots of places people go to in Dededo to dump trash big and small.  We do what we can with the resources we have, but sometimes it’s not enough.  That’s why this program is important.  It gives your mayors and vice mayors the tools they need to get rid of some of the most hazardous waste in the village.  Governor Calvo has shown his commitment to helping the Mayors Council over the years, and I’m happy this partnership is continuing with the release of this money,” she said.

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