Governor Calvo congratulates the Graduating Class of 2014. Yesterday, he spoke before the Okkodo High School graduation ceremony at the UOG Field House.
We recorded his 3-minute speech.
Click here to watch the address.
Here is the transcription of his speech:
Address before the Okkodo High School Graduating Class of 2014
By Eddie Baza Calvo
I’d like to acknowledge both the Board of Education, as well as the management led by Jon Fernandez. Thank you for a job well done.
Congratulations to the support network that put those wonderful graduates here; those that are in the administration and the teaching staff led by Begonia Flores. Both administration and teachers, thank you so much for your support in building the next generation of Guamanians.
Most importantly, to the families and friends here for these graduates. If it wasn’t for your back up and support, they wouldn’t be here today. So, thank you and God bless you.
But for the stars of this show: The stars today are them (points to graduates), the future of Guam!
When I look at this graduating class, that’s why I have so much confidence in the future of Guam. It doesn’t make a difference what ethnicity is, or what’s your station in life. When you look at these young people, they hold the promise of the future for our island and our nation. To all of you, there’s a lot of good things happening. You have your beautiful school, and I want to thank the Legislature and Judy Won Pat for the expansion of Okkodo, and all the Legislators that helped in that endeavor. And there’s a new hospital going up, and soon to be a military base in the next few years. There’s a lot happening.
I’m gonna keep this short. There is so much in front of you. Continue to do what you have done. In the next few years, and whether, let’s say starting tomorrow, looking for a job, or you have President Underwood or Mary Okada there at UOG and GCC. Sign up there at those terrific educational facilities and institutions. And I must make note that you have the only Marine Corps ROTC program. Well, there’s gonna be a military base built right next to Okkodo, so if that is your wish, join the military. Join the Marines. In a few years you might just be the commanding officer of that new base.
Most importantly is just to strive. Don’t take no for an answer. Continue to strive for the future. Ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the future of Dededo. You’re looking at the future of Guam. You’re looking at the future of the United States and the world.
God bless you. Congratulations to the 2014 Graduating Class of Okkodo High School.
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