1.22.13 WEEKLY ADDRESS - A Salute to Our Troops
Hafa adai,
Governor Eddie Baza Calvo and Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio send a special salute to our troops deploying to Afghanistan in this week’s address. The text of the address can be found below as well as links to the video and mp3 audio.
Thank you!
A Salute to Our Troops
            We are so very proud of you. It takes a special person to lay his or her life before the altar of the freedom of others. You’re going to a faraway place, fighting for strangers and living through danger, while the rest of your fellow Americans enjoy the very freedom your heroism is protecting.
            This war has gone on for over a decade. It has sent America’s bravest to the front lines of freedom. In the history of mankind, nations often went to war to fight for resources or dominion. Armies moved the invisible lines of borders for conquest, or they fought to protect their own. For the American servicemember, the story is different. The fight you and every American warrior before you has fought places God’s gift of liberty in the conscience of countries and the hands of its countrymen. 
            America would not be the greatest nation in the world without your courage and commitment. But consider for a moment your service to the country is what drives the nation’s role in the world, one that freedom-loving and freedom-yearning people rely on. There is no doubt this world is a safer place for all because you are fighting for the security our nation has built throughout the globe. Your service isn’t just about our island or our country. It’s justice over oppression, freedom over persecution, good above evil.
            While you’re away from home we want you to know we are here for your families if they ever need help. There is a strong support system for them, surrounded by an island of Guamanians so deeply in love with the country you are defending.
            We will count the days until your return. We will take care of this island we all care for. When you come home we promise the paradise you are leaving will be a bit brighter for you and your family. And, so, with all our gratitude for your sacrifice and service, we salute you.
            God bless you. God bless Guam. And God bless the United States of America.
WATCH THE VIDEO: Click here or visit the Governor’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/governorofguam
Please click here to listen to the address.

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