Guam’s Guardsmen: The Best in the World
A weekly address by Eddie Baza Calvo
NOTE: The weekly address was taped last week, while Governor Calvo was visiting Guamanian soldiers who were training for deployment in Fort Irwin, California. You can view the address by clicking here.
Hafa Adai, my fellow Guamanians.
I am recording this address from Fort Irwin, California. Normally, I would not record this so far in advance, but I cannot wait to share how proud I am of thirteen Guam sons, and of all our local military members. You see, at the request of Adjutant General Benny Paulino, I traveled here to show support to the soldiers of the 29th Infantry Brigade, or as they are known back home: “Team I’fit.” These men are training here to prepare for a deployment to Afghanistan next month.
I’m very pleased to report that not only are their spirits high, but once again, these thirteen sons prove our guardsmen are the best in the world.
Now, we all hear stories of how our soldiers and airmen impress their peers and superiors when representing Guam in battle. But I want to share exactly how impressive these thirteen men are.
Fort Irwin is home to the National Training Center: the best place to prepare for a deployment. This base has a wide array of equipment, personnel, and facilities to simulate almost any situation our military may encounter. It also has opportunities to train with robotics and telecommunications that aren’t found elsewhere in the nation. During a meeting, the fort’s commander told me that the exercise our soldiers participated in was the most complex the fort has ever had.
More impressive still their counterparts from the states looked our soldiers as shining stars who led by example. They excelled–providing exemplary service, finishing tasks faster, and overall, being better soldiers.
To the men of “Team I’fit,” thank you so much again for your service to island and country. Your commitment to excellence, passion for freedom, and island hospitality make all of us on Guam proud. Christine, and I, and Ray and Notch will keep you in our prayers.
To the the thirteen families of these men: thank you so much. You are the heroes to these heroes. You’ve raised them to be the honorable soldiers they are today. You’ve supported them through tough times. You’ve held down the fort while they are away protecting our freedoms. Know that my office, General Paulino, and his staff are ready and willing to assist you however we can.
And finally, to my fellow civilians: please keep our military in your thoughts. Please support noble causes like the USO and ESGR. Our guardsmen are the best in the world. How fortunate we are to count them as friends, family, and Guamanians.
God bless you, Team I’fit, and all our men and women in the armed forces.

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