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Lt. Governor Tenorio provides important information about recycling and where you can take your recyclables in this week’s address to the people.

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For the Love of Guam: Recycling Is Cheaper
My fellow Guamanians,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you’ve shown for The Green Dream campaign. Thousands of you over the past two years joined the Islandwide Beautification Task Force in cleaning up Guam and spreading respect for our environment. We have a long way to go, but we’ve already come so far.
Eddie and I want to take our environmental initiatives to the next level. Recycling is where it’s at. I can sit here and talk to you about all the benefits to the environment, or how it’s socially responsible to recycle. But I want to offer a more practical incentive to you. Recycling can save you a lot of money.
If you think about it, most of what you throw away is stuff you can recycle: plastic bottles, paper, glass, cardboard, soda and beer cans, even metals like iron and steel. Why pay $30 a month to haul that away, when we can separate these things and turn them in for free or even for money? Now, there are still some things you can’t turn in to recycle, like Styrofoam plates and cups, and plastic wrappings. But if that’s all you have left over to throw away, then your neighborhood can share the cost of one trash bin a month… or your kids’ school may want to reuse these materials for projects. Or, you can keep a separate trashcan in your yard for non-recyclables and every month toss these at one of the transfer stations for only $7.50.
This is how you can recycle and save hundreds of dollars a year: Keep four medium-sized buckets or trash cans in your home. Use one to throw away paper and cardboard… another to throw away plastic bottles and containers… another to throw away glass… and another to throw away soda and beer cans. Then keep a much smaller container for food waste in the kitchen.
Every day the only thing you have to take out will be the small container of food waste. You can put it in a larger container outside the house for compost and fertilizer. It’s important to separate bones and meat from the compost pile, though. You can feed the dogs and cats in the neighborhood with these.
Every weekend, or whenever you have a day off, gather up the separated contents of each of the other four containers and take a trip to Harmon. That’s where you’ll find most of these recycling centers.
Take your aluminum cans, copper, brass, or metallic waste to Pyramid Recycling, Triple Star Recycling, Xiong’s Recycling, FSM Recycling, or Guam Metal Development — all in Harmon. Island Scrap Yard in Barrigada also accepts these items.
Take your paper, magazines, newspaper, and cardboard to Guahan Waste Control in Harmon. You can also recycle newspaper at a pet store or veterinarian clinic.
Pyramid Recycling in Harmon will take your plastic, and you can take glass to the Agat or Dededo Transfer Stations at no cost at all.
There are a number of other places where you can take cooking oil, hazardous waste, paint, tires, batteries, even computers. Look for these listings on Page 169 of the 2013 Island Telephone Directory, or Page 186 of the 2013 Guam Phone Book.
Recycling does take a little more effort than simply throwing your trash into one bin and setting it out every night… but it will save you money. And if more of us are willing to do this, then it may spark trash haulers to do more curb-side pick-ups of recyclables.
Thank you for your time today, and God bless.
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