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 TEXT: The text of the address follows:
Affordable Daycare if You Want to Go to School
Hafa Adai My Fellow Guamanians,
Raising a child is one of life’s greatest gift… It’s rewarding, it’s fulfilling…and I’m sure any parent will agree, it’s definitely challenging – a daily juggling feat that keeps us on our toes, always looking forward, always thinking about how to make our children’s lives better.
One of the most difficult challenges facing parents today is finding affordable, quality childcare. Daycare expenses can often take up a lot of the family budget, especially if you’re still searching for the profession that’s right for you. But don’t let that stop you.
There’s money available to help you care for your kids during the day. You CAN get the education and training you need to step into a rewarding career that lets you move up… and forward… with money for your kids and a little extra to save.
We have programs to help you pay for daycare so you can go to school. Not only that, these programs can help pay for gas, buy new clothes for interviews, and purchase uniforms for work.There’s so much these programs can do to help you on your journey.
The reason these programs exist is to encourage young parents to go back to school. If you get a degree at GCC or UOG you’ll be able to make a living on your own through a good job for which you’re qualified. The problem is many Guamanians don’t know about these programs. For more information, call 735.7256 or 735.7317.
So break out those old dreams and aspirations. Make the phone calls. You can even call us here at the Governor’s Office and we’ll be happy to connect you with the people who will help you turn your goals into reality. Call us at 472.8931 – the number is on your screen right now.
The first step is always the hardest… But you are not alone. Whether you want to further your education at the University of Guam or the Guam Community College…or even if you want a more hands-on route to a career through apprenticeship and training programs… There are ways to help you and your family make your dreams come true.
Thank you and may God bless all of you on your road to success.


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