Please see message to all Guamanians living on Guam and abroad from Governor Calvo:
My fellow Guamanians,
19-year-old Jeneva Bosko is representing our island in the Miss World competition in China.
Jeneva is a symbol of our island. She’s an underdog in a sea of nations represented by other young women vying for the crown. There have been times over the past couple of years that our beautiful island treasure in the Pacific has been ridiculed, been the subject of ignorant comments, or forgotten altogether.
Jeneva’s beauty and her drive to succeed outshines anyone on that stage, and draws the world’s attention to what is good and great about our island. From her kind spirit to her hospitality and her command of issues and her own personal convictions, Jeneva symbolizes the very best of Guam. She is portraying the confidence we should all have in ourselves… confidence and determination that have led Guamanians to the top of their professions against their global counterparts.
This year it is Jeneva Bosko, a young Guamanian, who is carrying our flag into this global competition, and I’m asking all Guamanians to cheer her on and support her.
The Miss World competition now includes a multimedia award. Each of the contestants is on the Miss World website, with an option to click ‘like’ for each one of your choice. Please show your support for Jeneva by:
1.     Visiting Jeneva’s page on the Miss World website,, and clicking ‘like’
2.     Then clicking on the Facebook link in the Facebook section that says Miss World – Guam on Facebook and posting something there to show Jeneva our support
Thank you so much for rooting for Miss Guam World. We wish all the best for Jeneva and her family.

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