Buenas dihas,
The Governor is inviting the island community to join in this year’s Liberation Day festivities.
Some quick facts to help you plan for this week’s activities:
• The Carnival is open from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday
• Parade starts at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 21.
• Mr. Donald Hughes and Mr. Gene Bell are the grand marshals for this year’s Liberation Day Parade. (Bios attached)
• Road closures for the parade are being finalized and will be released tomorrow.
To view the video of the message, visit the Governor’s YouTube Channel.
Hafa Adai everyone!
I hope you have had the opportunity to stop by the Liberation Day carnival. The food is great and the games make it easy to have some family fun!
I’m ecstatic that this year’s carnival has returned to our capital city. You can start an evening with the kids at the Guam museum, which has a special exhibit, In Ha Hasso Hao, for the next few months. Afterwards, you can enjoy a meal, play some games and watch the evening’s entertainment at the carnival.
I want to thank the Mayors for doing a great job, despite having the rug pulled out from under them at the last minute. I also want to thank the folks at Guam Visitors Bureau, Guam Economic Development Authority, Department of Chamorro Affairs, as well as my team at Adelup for coming together to provide support and ensure the carnival and parade are a success. Just a few days ago, we solidified a partnership with DOCOMO PACIFIC and Triple J Enterprises who are sponsoring this Liberation Day’s fireworks. This partnership between the Mayors, the Administration, the private sector, and the people of Guam is another example of how our community always comes together to work for good. Thank you all for your hard work and support!
That is really what gives Liberation Day its meaning — our unity as a people. We, all of us, are a part of what makes it a true celebration of our people, our freedom and our island. Ray and I hope to see you at Paseo!
Biba Guam and Biba Liberation!

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