May 10, 2018
Hagåtña — The men and women of the Department of Public Works are diligently repaving village streets and completing other projects.
Today, Governor Calvo and Mayor Rudy Paco of Mongmong-Toto-Maite cut the ribbon at Biang Street. DPW set up the foundation of the road and contractors laid the asphalt.
“I want to thank the mayors who worked with us on this project. I’m grateful to Governor Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio for their support and I thank the senators who worked with Sen. Tommy Morrison to pass the legislation to help fund this and other village road projects,” said DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero.
Governor Calvo noted his thanks to the men and women of DPW who have managed to do so much, even with their limited resources prior to the passage of Sen. Morrison’s Bill. For example, they were able to repave roads that have long been a problem for the community, including Hamburger Road behind McDonalds Restaurant in Harmon and Macheche Lane at the foot of the Latte Heights Hill.
“In the waning days of this administration, it fills me with pride that we’re completing the projects we had our sights set on,” Governor Calvo stated.
Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio said without the help of Mayor Paco and fellow Mayors the road projects wouldn’t be as successful. “The Mayors were an integral part of identifying the roads to promote safety on our village streets. With their help, the support of Senators and everyone coming together, we’re getting a lot of work done.”
Other projects that are being worked on are Pale Kiren in Sinajana, Erskin Drive in Agat and Federico Drive in Agana Heigths.
Additionally, we’re looking forward to the completion of the Merizo bridges, Bile and Pigua, which took more than 10 years to refurbish and widen because of property and procurement issues. The Department of Public Works anticipates the projects being completed in about two weeks. We thank the people of Merizo for their patience.

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