October 2, 2012
Students at 18 schools will finally see roof repairs to their schools. Governor Eddie Baza Calvo recently signed contracts to make these significant repairs to schools throughout Guam.
J&B Modern Tech, Bascon Corporation, and Propacific Builder Corporation are contracted to provide the structural repair and roof coating work. Over $4.5 million was awarded between the three companies for the repairs. These are ARRA funds allocated for certain projects, including structural and roof repairs. These repairs include ensuring the structural integrity of the roof is up to building code standards and roof coating.
“These schools waited too long for these repairs to happen,” said Governor Calvo. “I’m glad DOE has moved on these contracts and I’m hopeful they’ll move on others soon.”
The schools include Finegayan Elementary, Maria Ulloa Elementary, Wettengel Elementary, Benavente Middle School, Machanaonao Elementary, Astumbo Elementary, MU Lujan Elementary School, Inarajan Elementary, Marcial Sablan Elementary, Talofofo Elementary, Merizo Elementary, P.C. Lujan Elementary, Ordot Chalan Pago Elementary, J.Q. San Miguel Elementary, B.P. Carbullido Elementary, H.B. Price Elementary, L.P. Untalan Middle School and George Washington High School.
For more information, please contact Raymond D. Gibson at 475-9213.

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