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More than 30,000 students are about to start a new school year. Governor Calvo sends a special message of encouragement to them.
You can watch the video by clicking on this link to the Governor’s YouTube page. http://bit.ly/2uwMwPI
The transcript for the address follows below for your convenience.
A message to the school children of Guam:
Hafa Adai to you… the future of Guam!
Everyone is getting ready for the new school year. Superintendent Jon Fernandez is working to make your schools ready. I just signed another contract, this one for repairs at Simon Sanchez High School, to help him with that.
Bus drivers are going through training, and some of you will get to ride in buses with cameras that will help the bus drivers keep a better eye on everyone. And teachers are getting their classrooms and lesson plans ready to welcome you all when the new school year starts.
Right now, I want to take this moment to encourage you to take advantage of this school year and the opportunity it will bring.
In the last six years or so as your Governor, I have talked about what we as a government, as the adults in your lives, can do to support teachers and to support you students by modernizing our classrooms, getting technology into your hands, and getting more school buses to get you to class. I have worked with DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez on programs that promote education for even the youngest of you today who are participating in the head start program. And we’ve talked about how important it is for parents to be a part of a strong education for their children.
But even with all of this, there is one person that has the key to making all of this really work – that person is you.
Only you can determine what you are good at and what you enjoy – maybe robotics or writing, or it could be football or basketball or perhaps you want to lead your student council. Only you can read the book, do your homework and study for that big test at the end of the week. You’re the only person who can actually stand at the field and try out for the team.
And I know, because I was there once upon a time, it gets tough, it gets repetitive, and it gets tiresome, and its not always fun.
But I encourage you to keep going. Even when you get so tired that you start wondering if this all is worth it. Please trust me when I tell you, it is worth all of that hard work that you put into it.
All of this is meant to make you reach your full potential and enable you to do all the great things you were meant to do. Your teachers, your parents, your counselors, and even myself and Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, we all just want to help you become the best you that you can be, so that you can grow up to be an astronaut, a doctor, a scientist, or even a governor. Whatever you want to be.
We are here to help. But it is up to you to make everyday of this school year a step towards a brighter tomorrow.
God bless you, God bless all of your teachers, school staff, bus drivers, parents, and loved ones.

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