Hagåtña, Guam – Decreasing the likelihood of releasing repeat sex offenders back into society, elevating the retirement status of youth service workers, establishing a Public Policy Institute, and updating signage regulations—these are among the bills Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio signed into law today.


Substitute Bill 173-35 – Senator Therese Terlaje

Creates the “Criminal Sexual Conduct Assessment and Rehabilitation Act.” It establishes a standardized procedure for measuring the risk of criminal sexual conduct recidivism and identifies potential for rehabilitation. It is now Public Law 35-71.

Bill 231-35 – Senator Telena Nelson

Includes the Department of Youth Affairs Youth Services Workers as Uniformed Personnel for Retirement Purposes. Youth Service Workers will be qualified to retire up to five years earlier, similar to customs, police, and corrections officers. It is now Public Law 35-68.

Bill 41-35 – Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes

Establishes the Public Policy Institute Program. Enrollees will gain skills in policy research and writing, communications, and operational staffing. It is now Public Law 35-69.

Bill 141-35 – Senator Telo Taitague

Raises fines for violation of signage laws and provides for a funding source so the intent of the law can be realized. It is now Public Law 35-70.

The progress of our society is in our ability to identify areas that need to be improved and then improve them,” said Acting Governor Tenorio. “I want to recognize Senator Therese Terlaje for her courage to fight for victims of sex crimes. Public Law 35-68 will help keep sex offenders off our streets. I also want to recognize Speaker Barnes and Senators Nelson and Taitague for their measures. I look forward to seeing more of their good work ahead.”


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