“For about 100 years, we have been pushing for the opportunity of the colonized people of Guam to be treated with parity. Today, that fight continues with our efforts to hold a vote of self-determination to decide for ourselves the political status we would like to see Guam move towards. We cannot be content with the status quo because of the limitations it places our ability to govern ourselves and improve our economy as we see fit. Unfortunately, the Davis case on the plebiscite impedes our effort to move this issue forward. We must take a stand for the rights of our people to finally have a say on our destiny. The case is now in the hands of the Court and I pray that our people will receive a positive response that will allow us a voice in our political future.”


“The native people of this island should have the right to determine their political destiny. By definition of the Organic Act I, myself, cannot vote in a self-determination vote but I support, and will always advocate Guam’s quest to self-determination. I applaud the efforts of the Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, Deputy Attorneys General Ken Orcutt and Fred Nishihira along with Special Assistant Attorney General Julian Aguon who were in Hawaii to argue this pivotal case. I think they put forth an honest and compelling argument the heart of the injustice our people have lived with for generations.”
 To listen to the Arnold Davis v. Guam case heard in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, click here:

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