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5.12.14 Weekly address 
Economic growth is for you
By Eddie Baza Calvo
There’s been all this talk lately about the economy. All around we feel the activity. We can see that Guam is busier. Look at the traffic. Look at the shopping centers. Look at all the construction. The last two weeks alone, there were 32 building permit clearances. That’s to add to six new contractor licenses.
In the hustle and bustle of economic growth, it’s important for business to grow. But I think it’s more important for people with dreams to start business. Now is that time.
People have more money to spend these days. First Hawaiian Bank’s last quarterly report showed spending is up. That means people are looking for more. There are more customers in the market. There’s more money circulating.
I’m happy for our existing businesses. They get to grow and hire more people. They will be able to pay their employees more as their businesses grow. But this is not a closed market. Prosperity isn’t only for the current crop. If you’ve got a great idea, you should consider making it a reality.
Look at Bernard Crisostomo. A long time ago he got in trouble with the law. No one would hire him with his record, so he decided to open his own business. He took the little he had and opened ProShine, an automotive detailing company. He’s able to support his family doing something he loves.
There’s also Junior Sablan. He bought a couple of bush cutters and started a lawn maintenance company. Now he has the honor of giving others work in his company.
Every single locally-owned business on Guam started with only a little bit of money and a very big dream. From Proa Restaurant to Pika’s Café, and from M.V. Pangilinan Enterprises to Calvo’s Enterprises… everything started from a seed. With some hard work, these once-small companies blossomed. It’s your turn.
If you want to know more before taking a risk, there are people you can call. UOG has a Small Business Development Center. The folks there will be more than happy to help you plan things the right way. So will our people over at GEDA. Give them a call. Not only can they help you plan, they may even be able to get you a loan to get started. Their number is 647-4332.
You should call them. It won’t hurt. If nothing else, you’ll be armed with more information for the day you are ready to pursue your dreams.
Guam is ready for the next evolution of the economy. It’s happening. And with news of forward movement of the military buildup, things just got that much better. This growth should be for you and your family first. Together, let’s see to that.
Thank you, have a great week, and God bless you always.

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