District Court dismantles federal control over agencies
August 22, 2012
The District Court this afternoon ended nearly five years of federal control and monitoring over the Departments of Mental Health & Substance Abuse and Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities.
“This is the first huge victory in my desire for the people of Guam to take back control after years of federal takeovers because of bad service,” Governor Calvo said. “We will continue demonstrating to the Court our focus and resolve to deliver the highest quality services to the people, whether at DOE, DOC, GWA, or the solid waste division at DPW.”
The federal management team, instituted by the Court in 2010 following its role since 2007 as court monitors, has been dismantled, and control over DMHSA (effective December 3) and DISID (effective immediately) has been returned to the Governor.
“We believe this indicates the Court’s trust in the Governor’s ability and sincerity to fix the problems and deliver the services for the consumers of Mental Health and DISID,” Governor’s Chief Legal Counsel Maria Cenzon said. “The federal management team has failed our people, and the Court recognized that today.”
Judge Consuelo Marshall said in court she wants to give the directors of the agencies the opportunity to manage the agencies, which they have not yet had the chance to do under the new administration. These agencies were placed under federal monitoring and control in the previous administration.
Procedural filings still will take place to finalize this transfer. The return of DISID to the Governor is effective immediately. The return of DMHSA is effective December 3, 2012, allowing time for a smooth transition between the FMT to the Governor.
Cenzon said the Governor’s Office will be working closely with the directors of DMHSA and DISID on its next steps to improve services. Cenzon also said the Governor’s Office will continue its close collaboration with plaintiff’s counsel to ensure the delivery of services at the highest levels.
“We have a long road ahead,” Cenzon said. “but we are extremely confident that the directors will do an excellent job managing these services for the consumers.”
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