The Guam Memorial Hospital Authority team met with residents in Piti village to discuss the plans to modernize the island’s only public hospital.


The team has been sharing GMHA’s fiscal sustainability and modernization plans with residents throughout the island in community outreach presentations. They’re discussing the solution to bring the hospital into the 21st century and address its perpetual fiscal shortfall caused by its mission to provide care to all who walk through its doors — regardless of their ability to pay.


“The hospital has a plan, and it’s a good plan,” said Dr. Vince Duenas. “We have challenges within our community, so we created a plan to fix it. But that plan, like any other, has a cost. That cost will help us improve the facilities so we’ll have a hospital that you would be proud of, and that you can be confident in.”


Dr. Larry Lizama said the modernization at GMHA would improve the hospital’s diagnostic and treatment capabilities, particularly in radiology and cardiology.


“Many of the people who currently have to go off island to seek help for these conditions can get that quality care right here at home,” Dr. Lizama stated. “We need your help to reach our goal for helping our people.”


“15 people hold the key to us getting GMH the help it needs so that it can provide medical care for us, our children, and even our grandchildren,” Dr. Lizama stated.  


Dr. Duenas said despite senators’ sympathetic nods, there’s an undercurrent of politics.


“Our senators aren’t hearing the cry of the people,” Dr. Duenas stated. “Our senators aren’t hearing our cries for help. They’re hearing the cry of the special interest groups. We’re talking about lives, we’re not talking about business; your life is worth much more than the profits of a business.”


Dr. Duenas encouraged residents to call the senators: “So let them know – give our hospital life. We’re at a crossroad and we need to let them know where we stand. Give life to GMH. Don’t lead us down the road to death.”


GMHA will be meeting with residents again at 6:30 p.m. today at the Agat Community Center near the Mayor’s Office. Upcoming meetings include:  

  • 6:30 p.m.Sept. 21 (Thursday) Tamuning Senior Center
  • 6:30 p.m.Sept. 26 (Tuesday) Yona Community Center
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