Q. Why does the Governor continue to call the Legislature into special session?
A. Senators have failed to pass a bill or modify one of the Governor’s bills to address the fiscal crisis before us. Only the legislature can solve this problem.

Q. Why doesn’t the Governor just furlough or layoff GovGuam employees to cut costs?
A. In the Governor’s meeting with the Attorney General yesterday, she advised that there is a lengthy process that must take place to do this. This process has begun.

Q. Why is the Guam Fire Department shutting down fire stations and other agencies are not?
A. ALL AGENCIES ARE MAKING DEEP CUTS. The Fire Chief must make deep cuts like the other agencies until a solution is passed by the legislature.

Q. Instead of increasing taxes why doesn’t the Governor just shut down government agencies and keep agencies like the Department of Education, public safety, and health agencies open?
A. The Attorney General has advised that this would require a furlough, which takes approximately 90 days. This process has begun.

Q. The private sector is opposed to a tax increase because of the implications on the cost of goods and the economy. Why are you doing this?
A. Several solutions proffered by the Governor have sunset provisions in them, meaning they will phase out after a short amount of time. This will bridge the government for an interim period and keep the economy going. Furloughs and layoffs to thousands of government employees, will government services, affect business sales, and bleed into the economy. Like several leaders in the business community, Governor Calvo believes a temporary increase is the most logical solution that will impact the economy, business, consumers and government operations the least.

Q. How do we fix this?
A. Only the legislature has the authority to solve this problem. Call your senators and demand that they solve this problem.

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