Governor Joins Community in Walking Out Against Sexual Assault

Hagåtña, Guam – Governor Lou Leon Guerrero agrees Enough is Enough! Sexual assault against
our people, especially our women and children, needs to end. The Governor will be joining those
in the community who have pledged to “walk out” on Wednesday, April 24, at 5:05 p.m. to take a
stand against sexual abuse.

“It seems every week, we hear about more arrests for sexual violence. I am alarmed by how
many of our people are being victimized and sexually abused, some by repeat offenders.
This is unacceptable,” said Governor Leon Guerrero. “While we have programs in place to
support survivors and their families, to educate our community, and even to deter criminal
activity, it is clear that our programs and laws need to be strengthened. As leaders, we need
to create a climate in which it is unacceptable and unheard of to sexually assault anyone,
especially a child. Our women, our children, and our community, deserve no less.”

The Guam Family Justice Center Alliance has organized a community-wide walkout on
Wednesday, April 24, at 5:05 p.m. at various intersections around the island. Participants will be
raising their hands for 15 minutes with the word “Enough” written on the palms of their hands in
protest of sexual assault.

“As a community we should all be more involved in fighting sexual assault. I am inspired
by the passion and advocacy of the people behind the ‘Enough’ movement, and so many
other non-governmental organizations like Healing Hearts and Victim Advocates Reaching
Out. Let’s do more to help them and to protect our women and children from sexual
abuse,” added Governor Leon Guerrero.


The Federal Programs Office provides funding and support to several organizations whose
mission is to support victims of violence and sexual assault or to develop and strengthen law
enforcement and policies to address sexual assault. The agencies include:

• Catholic Social Services – Alee Shelter
• Archdiocese of Agana – St. Anthony Catholic Church
• Erica’s House, Inc.
• Guam Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Family Violence
• Guam Police Department
• Judiciary of Guam
• Office of the Attorney General
• Public Defender Service Corporation
• Victim Advocates Reaching Out

“Sexual abuse is an issue that affects all of us. We all have mothers. Many of us have
sisters, daughters, wives, and nieces. Some of us know of survivors or are survivors of
abuse. To those who have shared their stories: thank you for being a voice of hope and
courage in our community. To those who have not shared their pain—you’re not alone. And
we will continue to fight for you,” the Governor pledged.


For inquiries, please contact Janela Carrera, Director of Communications, at 488-1408 or


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