Hagåtña, Guam – Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has signed two bills into law. Bill 59-35 perpetuates our CHamoru culture and Bill 70-35 addresses how used oil should be managed.

Authored by Senator Kelly Marsh Taitano, a fierce advocate of the CHamoru culture, Bill 59-35, now Public Law 35-23, will establish a Commission to share the CHamoru perspective during the five hundredth (500th) year since I Manaotao Mo’na first discovered westerners in their waters.

“I agree with the Legislature that the people of Guam have been overlooked, unheard, poorly understood, and under-researched throughout history. Our culture is unique and special. It deserves to be displayed on the international stage, alongside Spain, the Philippines, and Chile,” the Governor said in her transmittal letter.

Bill 70-35, introduced by Senator Telo Taitague creates a Task Force to gather information and create goals for policy concerning used oil management. It is now Public Law 35-24.

“I applaud Senator Taitague’s efforts to protect our environment. I agree that it is urgent our island quickly address the management of used oil. The substance of this bill is timely in that it follows my Administration’s success toward the ending of the receivership over the government of Guam’s solid waste services,” Governor Leon Guerrero added.

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