Hagåtña, Guam – The Office of the Governor and the Mayors’ Council of Guam (MCOG) proudly announce that the theme for this year’s 79th annual Liberation Day is “I Hinanao-ta Para ta Fanmåtto gi Minahgong – Our Journey Towards Peace.” More information regarding this year’s grand marshals, parade, and associated festivities will be announced soon.

“In hard times, we’ve never let hope abandon our journey towards peace,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. “Throughout history, our people have endured and survived, healed and thrived. Time and again, we raised an island of resilience from the rubble of challenges overcome. Because peace is what our people prize and our island’s marching song. On the 79th anniversary of Guam’s liberation, we reflect on this storied journey with privilege and renewed purpose.”

“Today we find ourselves engaged in the work of building prosperity and shoring up the resources that will sustain peace for generations,” said Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio. “This strong period of recovery reminds us that with hope and determination we can prevail over the threat of an invisible virus just as our manåmko’ weathered war and its atrocities. If we can summon the best of us and keep peace as our compass, brighter is the future we will leave to our children.”

“As we enter a new era, we find ourselves navigating new life experiences which have changed our way of life, our careers, and our communities,” said Piti Mayor and MCOG President Jesse Alig. “In our quest to live free and peaceful lives, we are faced with challenges that must be addressed, but for the CHamoru people there is no struggle that is insurmountable. With our eyes set on peace, our island and people will celebrate life and liberty for generations to come.”

Theme Concept

The Liberation Day theme is annually selected and designed by the Mayors’ Council of Guam. This year’s concept features waves representing the stripes of the United States flag; latte representing strength and a galaide representing the journey of the CHamoru people; the native guasåli flower representing peace and beauty; and a sunrise representing a bright future. 

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